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How This Ancient
“Miracle Nut” Boosts Your Immune System, Creates Boundless Energy, and Unlocks the Secret to a Youthful Glow!*

Getting older can be a pain.

Every glance in the mirror tells the same story.

Every new day brings another unpleasant surprise.

Even things you used to love to do might start to seem like a burden.

Ever wish you could “turn back the hands of time” and recapture the energy and vitality of your youth?

Seem like an impossible dream? Read on.

We hear a lot about the effects of aging and how we can try to better support our bodies during the aging process, but most "solutions" simply put a bandage on the situation without digging down to provide the support we need at the most basic level.

The real truth is, we live in a toxic world that bombards our fragile human body at every turn.

From our “Standard American Diet” filled with GMO’s, cheap carbs, and processed foods that literally attack our immune system and accelerate the aging process…

To environmental toxins that appear in everything from shampoo to wall paint, we’re exposed to an incredible array of nasty things that make us age faster.

The result?

We look, act and (most importantly!) FEEL far older than we actually are.

Remember when your mom used to tell you she was “sick and tired” of something… well here we are.

What if I told you that a solution to support our bodies as we get older exists that’s been hiding in plain sight for centuries that’s now exploding onto the scene helping revitalize and maintain healthy bodies and minds… with an origin that’s as humble as a simple…* 


The Humble Coconut… One of The Oldest “Miracle Foods” In Existence?

Hidden inside the coconut is one of the most powerful and beneficial compounds on the planet.*

And even though in just the past decade or so coconut oil has seemed to pop up on literally every health food and supplement store shelf, the nut itself has a centuries old history of health support.*

The coconut has been a part of cultures around the world dating as far back as 3900 years ago as a food. Known as “the tree of life” coconut trees have been helping people survive and thrive for thousands of years.

In fact, though not scientifically proven in our day, there are references to ancient civilizations considering coconuts as having healing properties as far back as 1500BC and using them for Ayurvedic medicinal purposes.

Today, we understand the coconut has many nutritional and supportive benefits and is widely consumed as a food and in supplements.*

Fast forward to the 21st century and the once humble coconut is on the tip of everyone’s tongue… as it should be!

If you want to look and feel younger than you have in years and experience the vitality you once had in your 20s you need to know about Caprylic acid…* 

Here’s why Caprylic acid found within coconut oil is so powerful:

Protects your DNA and Boosts Immune System!*

The main component of coconut and coconut oil is caprylic acid, which naturally boosts the immune system and protects your DNA all the way down at the cellular level.*

Coconut oil is composed of 60% medium chain fatty acids, which are divided into these four groups:

The special shorter structure of caprylic acid (C8) extracted from coconut oil, a medium chain fatty acid gives it its unique immune system boosting and DNA protective qualities.*

It even improves mitochondrial function – mitochondria are your cells’ energy burning powerhouses!* 

Medium chain fatty acids or triglycerides in the form of caprylic acid are so beneficial to your health and well-being for the immune system and affect the appearance of aging, since the proven benefits include:*

Active Immune System Booster
Good fats are an essential building block for our bodies. These bio-active nutrients to help keep you strong and full of vitality. These protective antioxidants, combined with the vitamins found in Cocology Elixir are delivered in a fast-acting creamy emulsion providing extraordinary immune boosting properties.*

Jumpstart Your Metabolism
Good fats like coconut oil are rapidly metabolized by the liver to boost energy levels. These good fatty acids are transported directly to your cells for fuel. They’re even more likely to be used for energy rather than deposited as fat on your waistline. May support thyroid health.*

Better Brain Health
New research studies suggest that ketones produced by consuming coconut oil may help support the nervous system. Promoting better brain health and improving cognitive function by providing the brain with a high performance alternative fuel source (ketones) as opposed to carbohydrates which turn into sugar (glucose).*[1][2]

Protect Your Gut
Capric and caprylic acid found in coconut oil support gut health and are beneficial fats that won’t strain your digestive system.*

Suppress Hunger 
Unlike carbohydrate fuel, these exceptional good fats help to curb appetite and increase satiety by suppressing ghrelin (the hunger hormone). *
[3] [4] [5]

Improve Appearance & Protects Your Skin
Your skin is the first line of defense against bacteria, viruses, and other illnesses, to stay strong and beautiful it needs "fat soluble" Beta-Carotene, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Astaxanthin.*

And the benefits of these powerful beneficial fats don’t stop there…

Boost Brain Health and Improve Mental Clarity

Good fats like capric and caprylic acid are essential to better brain health, neuron signaling, and cognitive performance.*

Normally the brain uses glucose (sugar) as its primary energy source.  But by using these beneficial fats as fuel they are rapidly metabolized by the liver, giving you instant energy and fuel for your brain.*  

Your brain then uses this fuel (also known as) ketone bodies as an alternative higher performance fuel source rather than relying on glucose.*  

Ketones can even provide a rejuvenating effect on the brain by boosting mental energy, enhancing cognitive function, and even mild mood boosting properties.*

Caprylic acid helps maintain healthy digestive and reproductive systems*

The astounding properties contained in caprylic acid make it a powerful ally in maintaining a healthy digestive system and reproductive system.*[6]

Increases beneficial gut bacteria*

Once the powerful properties inside caprylic acid begin to exert their will, your body naturally falls back into rhythm allowing it to produce much more beneficial gut bacteria.*

Promotes healthy weight & decreases appetite*

Just imagine being able to quickly jumpstart your metabolism and quickly boost your body's ability to metabolize key nutrients…You’ll have more energy and look and feel better than you have in decades.* [7]

Caprylic acid helps your body burn fat by enhancing the thermogenic effect.  That’s a fancy way of saying it can fire up your body’s fat burning furnace and boost your metabolism.*[8]

You see your body doesn’t typically store medium-chain triglycerides (MCT’s) like caprylic acid as fat in fatty tissue. This unique difference makes them easier to absorb, utilize, and even help your body shed fatty deposits by creating ketone bodies to use as energy.* [9][10]

“I added VitaSkye Cocology Elixir to my daily routine about two months ago. I have noticed an increase in my energy level and endurance. I feel much stronger during my workouts. Being active and having extra energy to get myself to the gym helped me lose 10 pounds in the last two months. I was able to go from 135 pounds to 125 pounds without drastically changing my eating habits.

I also noticed more clarity in my thinking. My memory seems to be better. I'm able to focus on tasks better and sustain my focus for an extended period.

Thank you, Vita Skye, for creating such a fantastic product. Thanks for everything that you do!”

~ Maria, USA

But how do you get the RIGHT dose of caprylic acid found ONLY in coconut oil into your body for maximum benefit?


You could just eat spoonfuls of it all day long…

Every day.

But that would get really old, really fast.

There are other “coconut oil supplements” out there you could down by the handful too, but in the end since your body can't properly absorb those capsules and pills, the most that’s going to get you is some really expensive pee.

The problem is, most coconut supplements are just that, coconut oil and nothing more.

Or worse, powdered coconut oil made from refined oil and fillers…

INTRODUCING: Cocology Elixir
The Groundbreaking Immune System Booster that Could Transform YOUR Health & Wellness*

Cocology Elixir is the ONLY coconut oil supplement on the market today using a cutting-edge micro encapsulated delivery system.

We've taken the immune system boosting and DNA protecting power of caprylic and capric acid inside coconut oil and condensed it down into a fast-acting quick absorbing creamy emulsion that gives your body what it needs.*

It’s DIABETIC, KETOGENIC, and PALEO friendly with NO added sugar.

Stir it in your morning coffee as a substitute for creamer and enjoy a quick shot of energy and boost of brainpower!* 

It's made from sustainable coconut oil but there's NO coconut taste. Cocology Elixir taste like vanilla creme...pure deliciousness!

Our innovative formula lets the caprylic acid dive into your bloodstream going straight to work.

Making it unlike any other coconut oil supplement on the market!

But how do you get the RIGHT dose of caprylic acid into your body for maximum benefit?

Our proprietary technology lets us isolate our formula and get it directly where you need it most, right into your bloodstream!

Like I said before coconut oil is one of the oldest and most widely known “beneficial food” in existence…

And a lot of that has to do with the “good fats.”

I know, I know.

Fat is bad… right?


We’ve been fed a string of lies when it comes to fat!

Our bodies need fat to survive and thrive, but it needs to be a certain kind of fat.

Beneficial fats like the ones found naturally in coconut and in coconut oil help support the immune system and support the brain.

Your brain needs these good fats to use as an alternate energy source instead of relying on glucose (sugar)!*

Without them, you’re lacking a key line of defense.

But simply ingesting coconut won’t give you the kind of health benefits using Cocology Elixir will.*

I highly recommend eating as much raw coconut and coconut oil in your food and cooking as you like, but if you truly want the supportive properties found in these special fats to go to work in your body you need a more direct delivery system.  

With our proprietary formula, we’ve designed Cocology Elixir to be immediately absorbed directly into your bloodstream so you can get the full power of caprylic acid working immediately!

By taking just one tablespoon of Cocology Elixir you get the power of caprylic acid normally found in five tablespoons of coconut oil. 

That’s right…we’ve condensed the beneficial properties in five tablespoons of coconut oil into just one tablespoon!*

Now, you don’t have to eat spoonfuls of coconut oil to give you the immune system boosters hidden in this good fat.

We Also Added FOUR More KEY Immune System Boosting and Nutrients that Support Healthy Functions into Cocology Elixir…*

And they’re ALL superstars in their own right, the first is…


This powerful antioxidant is the ONLY one that actually crosses the “blood brain barrier” (which is the membrane that separates the brain from the skull cavity) and delivers its power directly into the brain.  

Astaxanthin found in certain marine plants is one of the most powerful antioxidants we know about right now, it's 500X more powerful than vitamin C, and it’s one of the most potent compounds known to man.* [11]

It’s known as the “king of carotenoids.”

Carotenoids are also known as phytonutrients (a fancy way to say “plant nutrients”) and are usually bright yellow, orange or red – appearing naturally in everything from carrots to the autumn leaves.

Carotenoids are very interesting in that when ingested they carry on the health benefits they provide to the host plant… to the humans ingesting them.*

They have powerful anti-oxidant properties that help “deactivate” free radicals, and astaxanthin is one of the most powerful in this group.* [12]

They promote healthy eyesight and brain function; help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system  and more.*[13][14]

They’re even responsible for a very strange phenomenon…

Scientists believe that astaxanthin is the key reason that salmon have the energy necessary to swim upstream to their nesting grounds every year.

Our astaxanthin comes from micro-algae, is 100% vegan and all natural.  It is one of only three available natural astaxanthin produced via cultivation from micro-algae.  

We do not use synthetic astaxanthin and there is a difference!

Just imagine what astaxanthin can do for your own energy levels!*

Our special all-natural astaxathin is what gives Cocology Elixir its stunning coral color.

So, in addition to this superstar antioxidant astaxanthin, we’ve added three more ingredients into Cocology Elixir to make it a potent adversary to free radicals*… first there’s:

Vitamin D to supercharge your immune system*

Vitamin D helps maintain healthy bones and teeth and helps support gut and cellular health.* [15] So we’ve added the amazing power of vitamin D3 to the mix.

A five-year study from the University of Leeds discovered that a daily dose of vitamin D3 was found to support heart health![16]

Vitamin D even helps produce an immune system boosting peptide called Cathelicidin!*

Vitamin D supplementation can also significantly increase muscle strength and reduce the loss of body muscle mass in women as late as 12+ years after menopause by a staggering 25%!*[17]

It’s one of the most powerful vitamins on the planet that we simply don’t get enough of, so of course we’ve put it into Cocology Elixir.  

Our natural vitamin D3 from cholecalciferol is the exact form of vitamin D found in the body, and it is the type the sun induces our bodies to make.

This just adds to our powerful mix of antioxidant and bio-active compounds, all designed specifically to help you stay youthful and vibrant!*

But that’s not all. We’ve also added…

The Skin Vitamin: Vitamin E (Tocopherol)*

Vitamin E has long been a staple for skin health as a topical treatment, but it’s also one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet.*

Not all vitamin E supplements are the same. Our Vitamin E - from d-alpha tocopherol only is the best form of natural vitamin E derived from non-GMO sunflower. Synthetic vitamin E - will have an "l" after the "d" like: dl-alpha tocopherol.

While a mix various forms of vitamin E tocopherols, such as: gamma, delta, and alpha are good for you. We don't include gamma tocopherol because the most reliable sources for that are corn, soybean, and sesame. Corn and soybean tend to be GMO, so we didn't want to include that in our formulation.

Vitamin E helps your body maintain healthy immune function by targeting free radicals in your bloodstream.*

Studies have shown that adding vitamin E into your daily health routine can not only help your strength and stamina, it also helps strengthen your capillaries, maintain healthy joints, protect cell membranes, and keep your cardiovascular system in tip top shape!*[18]

And last but certainly not least is…

Vitamin A (Beta Carotene)

We’ve added another powerful carotenoid like astaxanthin to our exclusive Cocology Elixir formula, it’s called Beta-Carotene.

We use only natural beta-carotene naturally derived from carefully cultivated algae. It is not an isolated form of beta-carotene and we do not use chemical synthesis to extract our beta-carotene.

Beta-Carotene is the precursor to vitamin A.  When you digest beta-carotene, your body converts it into vitamin A.

It’s long been known to help maintain healthy skin and vision (remember when mom told you to eat your carrots? Mom was right!*)

But it’s also a very powerful antioxidant in its own right that can help maintain a healthy immune system, have healthier skin, and maintain overall health and vibrancy.*

There’s even an added benefit of beta-carotene, according to an article in the Archives of Internal Medicine (JAMA/Archives) discovered that beta-carotene preserved brain cognition.*[19]

This special orange-red antioxidant definitely earns a place as part of your health care arsenal.*

It’s the last key ingredient that make up Cocology Elixir’s proprietary formula!

But don’t take our word for it…


“Love this stuff! Gives a nice little vanilla flavor to my coffee while giving me my MCT's!”

~ Dr. Charles Livingston

“The taste of VitaSkye’s Cocology Elixir taste is creamy and delicious with no aftertaste.  Coconut oil can be hard to take on its own or blend into things so this is a fantastic alternative especially being concentrated in addition to the great taste!”

~ Marie S., Raleigh, North Carolina

“The thought of eating a spoonful of coconut oil makes me cringe. Certain textures, particularly in food, are a problem for me.  However, the texture of Cocology Elixir was fine (it’s nice and creamy).  The bright coral color (thanks to the antioxidants) is a pleasant and fun surprise. The flavor is yummy, sort of like a vanilla almond flavor.  I overall I enjoy taking it and getting all the benefits of coconut oil without having to eat spoonfuls of coconut oil!”

~ Tina Hamby, Knightdale, North Carolina

“Cocology Elixir has a smooth texture and pleasant taste, which is easy to swallow.  I enjoy that I can get all the healthful benefits of coconut oil in a single dose.”

~ Heather S., USA

“I love that I can take just one tablespoon of Cocology Elixir and get on with my busy day. It has a wonderful warm vanilla taste. I’ve always loved the benefits of coconut oil, but who can remember to eat spoonfuls of it every single day?  As a new working mom, it’s perfect for my hectic lifestyle.  I’m boosting my immune system and getting the most important vitamins in one perfect spoonful.  It’s critical to staying healthy for my family.  Thank you VitaSkye for making this wonderful elixir!”

~ Joanna J., North Carolina, USA

“I really like the flavor and the texture of Cocology Elixir. It has no aftertaste and I’m excited to take it daily as an immune boosting supplement.”

~ Yolanda Sanders, USA

“I started taking Cocology at the beginning of this year. Being a recently transitioned vegetarian it’s important for me to get all of the necessary healthy fats, vitamins, and nutrients throughout my day that I was losing by not consuming meat products.

Before Cocology I was feeling anxious, fatigued, and unhealthy during my normal work day.
With Cocology I have noticed an increase in energy, awareness, and strength as well as a decrease in my anxiety/weak feeling. Although I’m still doing the same amount of activity as I was previously, I feel stronger and more focused since taking Cocology.”

~ C. Goldberger, USA

“Amazing product! I was putting coconut oil and honey in my coffee before, now I'm using this and it's so much more convenient and tastes great. The
additional Vitamin E is key for me I don't have to take a Vitamin E pill for skin. Thanks for improving my morning routine!”

~ PJ Lennon, Canada

These testimonials are based on the experiences of a few people. Similar results are not guaranteed. Please consult your physician before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, weight control or exercise program.  

So, how can YOU get ALL the Immune System Boosting, DNA Protecting Benefits of Cocology Elixir?*

By now, I’m sure you want to take advantage of ALL the astounding health benefits the ever-humble coconut has to offer.*

Just a single tablespoon of Cocology Elixir every day will get you on the road to feeling more youthful, vibrant, and healthy than you have in a long time (and will keep you that way for years to come!)*

You may be wondering, “What’s the catch?”

And there really isn’t one… except for this.

The process for creating this one of a kind supplement is not only time consuming, it’s labor intensive.

Creating the perfect balance for direct delivery takes time and it means we can only make Cocology Elixir in small batches.

Our Cocology Elixir is all-natural, non-GMO, and made with pride and love in the U.S.A.

Best of all Cocology Elixir is made from 90% sustainable coconut oil, some of the best on the planet!

We want to make absolutely certain that every single bottle of Cocology Elixir is the best it can be.

That means at any one time we have a limited supply on hand.

At this time, we have just under 3,000 bottles on hand to fill incoming orders and they’re moving at an incredible rate.

So, the only thing I urge is this… get your first shipment of Cocology Elixir on its way to you NOW and not later.

We will run out of this supplement, and when we do you’ll have to wait until our shelves are re-stocked.

That brings me to a very special offer for you today.

You can get your very own supply of Cocology Elixir for just $39.95 per bottle.

But during this special introductory offer we’re going to make it even easier for you to get a full supply.

When you complete your order with us today you’ll have 3 amazing options designed to fit virtually anyone’s needs.

Scroll down and see which option is the best fit for you!

Not only that…

We’ll take ALL the risk…Backed By Our 60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!

We’re 100% convinced that when you start to see just how much better you feel, your newfound energy and vitality – that you’ll simply LOVE Cocology Elixir…But we’re not leaving that up to chance.*

If for ANY reason you decide in the next 60 days that Cocology Elixir isn’t for you…Just send back any unopened bottles and we’ll give you an immediate 100% money back guarantee.

Then get in touch with us at and we’ll process your refund. No hassles.  No questions asked!

Directions & Ingredients

Directions: Take 1 tablespoon or 15ml daily or as directed.  Simply squeeze it on a spoon and enjoy straight from the bottle. We recommend that you take Cocology Elixir with food. You can also mix Cocology Elixir to hot coffee, hot tea, other beverages, smoothies, puddings, hot cereals, or other foods.

Since our formulation contains a concentrated amount of active ingredients combined with MCT's we recommend you start slowly with 1 teaspoon per day until personal tolerance is reached and take with food. Please do not exceed the recommended dosage. Do not take on an empty stomach or you may experience digestive discomfort.

Our bottles are BPA Free, we use PET bottles because they are hygienic,
retain freshness, are break resistant, and they do NOT contain BPA.

This product contains coconut oil and whey protein (milk),
if you are allergic to these ingredients please do not use this product.

Don’t decide now if Cocology Elixir is right for you.
Try it out – RISK FREE.

Get the FULLEST DNA protection within this one-of-a-kind comprehensive formula that supports a healthy immune system.*

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Place your order now while you can and start getting all the benefits that using Cocology Elixir on a regular basis will bring into your life!*

We’d love to share your experience next! See you on the other side

To Your Health,

Team VitaSkye

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much do I take and how do I take it?

Suggested use is to take 1 tablespoon or 15ml daily.  Simply squeeze it on a spoon and enjoy straight from the bottle. We recommend that you take Cocology Elixir with food. You can also add Cocology Elixir to beverages, smoothies, puddings, hot cereals, or other foods.

How does Cocology Elixir taste?

Even though it's made from coconut oil, Cocology Elixir does NOT taste like coconuts.  It has a delicious vanilla creme flavor.

What color is Cocology Elixir?

Cocology Elixir is a beautiful natural coral color due to the two powerful highly pigmented red-orange carotenoids found in our Astaxathin and Beta-Carotene.

What can I add Cocology Elixir to?

You can add Cocology Elixir to hot coffee, tea, cocoa, or milk of any kind. Stir well! You can also add it to smoothies or protein shakes.  Cocology Elixir can be blended into pancakes, chia seed puddings, oatmeal, hot cereals, yogurt, or ketogenic fat bombs. 

If you love butter coffee, Cocology Elixir is definitely for you...simply stir it in and enjoy a huge dose of good fats for your brain and jumpstart your metabolism in the morning.*

Can I use Cocology Elixir if I'm on the Paleo Diet or Ketogenic Diet?

Yes.  Cocology Elixir is made of the good fat from coconut and should be used daily if you’re on the Paleo or Ketogenic Diet.  It contains no added sugar, naturally gluten-free, and contains NO fillers of any kind. One tablespoon of Cocology Elixir has the same amount of immune system boosting essential fatty acids in the form of caprylic acid C8 and C10 as found in 5 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil!*

Does this product contain caffeine or any other stimulants?


Are there any allergy concerns with this product?

Coconut oil is considered an allergen. If you are allergic to coconut oil DO NOT use this product. If you have allergy concerns or are on any medications, or under medical supervision, please consult your healthcare practitioner or physician before taking Cocology Elixir.

How should I store it?

Cocology Elixir has an 18 month shelf life at ambient (68-75F).  Keep in a cool dry place and refrigerate after opening and use within 30 days of opening for maximum potency.

Does it have any sugar? Is it DIABETIC friendly?

Cocology Elixir is Diabetic friendly. Thanks to our exclusive formulation, process there is NO added sugar in the product. Cocology Elixir not a low calorie supplement. See nutrition information on label for calorie content.  Always consult your health care practitioner before using this product if you are under medical supervision.

What if I buy multiple bottles and decide it's not for me?

All VitaSkye customers are protected by our RISK FREE 60 day "no questions asked" guarantee. If for some odd reason you decide Cocology Elixir isn't for you, just send back any unopened bottles within 60 days and we'll give you a full refund.

What is the size of Cocology Elixir?

Cocology Elixir is 15.2 ounces or 450 ml.

Questions? Call us at 1-855-969-4522

Please email or call us immediately if you experience any little problems or need any help, you can email us at If you have questions and want to talk to a friendly member of our customer care team, call us at 1-855-969-4522 between 9:00am and 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

We want to take care of all the little technical glitches and concerns that you may have.  We're honored that you're giving us the opportunity to help you take control of your health & wellness, welcome to VitaSkye.

The VitaSkye team works tirelessly to uplift your health & well-being with simple nutrient packed health solutions using only the highest quality non-GMO ingredients. Made with pride & love in the USA.

For a complete list of frequently asked questions or to open a ticket with support, please visit our VitaSkye Customer Care website.